What Is The Best Exercise in Order to Lose Weight And Get a Lean Body?

Published: 10th December 2012
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It is clear that we can only lose weight when we create calorie deficit -- in other words, burning more calories than taking them in. That means for me to eat less and exercise more.

Quite for some time I recognized that I got heavier and stiffer. I wanted to exercise and lose weight but I didn't know how to do. So I asked myself what could be the best thing in order to get out of my stiffness and gaining weight.

I found a hiking club, which was every Sunday. This was great for me because I could come together with other people and I like nature. But because of my busy schedule I found it difficult to attend a whole day and sometimes it rained or the hiking place were too far away.

So I enrolled myself in my nearest fitness center. I tried every kind of exercise but the one which I liked most was Zumba. This was not just hard training for me this was also fun. I started to look forward to go to the lessons and two times a week I attended these lessons. Step by step I felt my body got lighter and healthier. I could even attend the hiking sessions, without having muscle aches over the next few days. So this was great.

Next I bought a training set over the internet and this was fine. I could exercise in the comfort of my home whenever I wanted - without closing time.

Timothy Church, MD, MPH, PhD, a professor at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge said: "The best exercise to lose weight is "the exercise you'll do."

Other experts said much the same thing about weight loss workouts. "The two things that stop people from losing weight with exercise are either boredom or injury." I think it is better to do something that makes fun in order to be able to continue.

Many experts recommend cardio-vascular exercise.

But what is cardio-vascular exercise?

Cardiovascular exercises are exercises that raise the heart rate. The body is made to move. To keep the muscles in shape we need to move them. This movement makes them stronger and stronger muscles give you an efficient and healthy body. The heart is also a muscle. A stronger cardio-vascular system means more capillaries delivering more oxygen to the cells in your muscles. This enables your cells to burn more fat during both exercise and inactivity. Cardio exercises use large muscle movement over a sustained period of time keeping your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximum level.

But there are so many choices out there...which exercises are the most effective?

There is no 'right' cardio exercise and the best choice is the one you enjoy most, I think. For example: Running, Walking, Cross Country Skiing, Bicycling, Elliptical Training like a Treadmill etc., Swimming, Step Aerobics, Rowing, Kick Boxing and so on.

It is said that someone burn more calories with cardiovascular exercise than with strength or resistance training.

But what is strength or resistance training?

It is training with weights. There are two different kinds: free weights (barbells, dumbbells, and hand weights) and weight machines.

Free weights usually work on a group of muscles at the same time. On the other side weight machines work on a specific muscle. This strengthens and increases the amount of muscle mass in your body by making your muscles work harder than they're used to. You can also use resistance bands or your own body weight (as in pushups, sit-ups, or body weight squats) for strength training. It is a great tool for getting strong muscles quickly.

So then; what's the best training method to get the most outcome?

I think it is to use both: cardio-vascular training and strength training. When I go to the fitness center I do first some minutes to one hour cardio-vascular exercise and then some weight machines. This helps me also from getting bored and injuries because of doing just only the same exercise.


Trudd Kuramu is a writer, who likes to write about health and fitness. In her latest article P90x Workouts Explained she provides reviews and information about this popular fitness program. She also wrote further article on P90x Exercises and much more.

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